Travel poster inspired by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
Raiders of the Lost Ark, homage to old serial posters.
Acrylic on illustration board, 24" x 36". Type was applied digitally.
Portrait of Ron Swanson from the TV show "Parks and Recreation."
"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," homage to old serial posters. Drawings done seperately in ink and ink wash, text applied digitally.
"The Silence of the Lambs" poster, inspired by movie posters of the '70s.
Ink and digital
"Thunderball" poster. Ink and ink wash, digital.
"The Hunger Games"
Ink and inkwash, digital coloring.
Cornelius and Zira from "Planet of the Apes"
Ink, ink wash and digital
Cover to author Bryan Young's book "Operation: Montauk"
15" x 20" acrylic on illustrtion board.
Christopher Lee as Dracula
9" x 12", ink and gouache
"This is a Good Boy" and "A Rather Brilliant Surgeon" 
8" x 10", ink on watercolor paper
"Mutant and Proud"  11" x 17", ink and digital
The Wolf Man  9" x 12" ink and gouache
Illustration for Boca Raton Magazine